Oral Hygiene Resources

Websites which provide very useful information on oral hygiene and dental health issues

Children's Healthy Smile Project is dedicated to the prevention of dental disease in children through education and aid in the form of dental hygiene items. Education on healthy oral hygiene for the child and parent/caregiver is crucial in the fight against dental disease. It is necessary for this information to be in the language spoken in the home. Link(s) to information in English and Spanish is provided below.

Links to several sites for information on healthy oral hygiene:


Colgate has a great website with information on brushing and flossing.


A good link for parents:  Colgate parent's page

Crest's website has information on brushing and flossing.



This in an free online video instruction on basic oral hygiene (for older children and adults).



The American Dental  Association provides extensive resource materials for Parents:

 ADA's MouthHealthy Consumer Website

An excellent guide extracted from the ADA website regarding infant dental health: Babies & Kids Dental Health

For more information on the impact of baby bottle on tooth decay view this document from the ADA: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

From the Hispanic Dental Association: Link Sonrisa: A Guide to Dental Health for Hispanic Americans

or view here: Sonrisa

Diet is an important contributor to dental disease. The following link emphasizes this connection.


It is very important to take care of your health and your teeth during pregnancy. The following link is from the U.S. Army and explains the changes to your gums and teeth during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and dental disease


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